2020 OCRA QuIP Grant Winner 

Coming soon to Cicero, the Pocket Park!

Stay tuned for updates on this artistic community gathering space.

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) works with local, state and federal partners to provide resources and technical assistance to aid communities in shaping and achieving their vision for community and economic development.

The Quick Impact Placebased Grant (QuIP) grant is designed to fund the type of space enhancement and community transformation that sparks community wide conversation and creativity. It is OCRA's belief that these types of social and built environments should occur at the local level and be community driven. It is the people, places and spaces that make Indiana a great place to live. Placemaking involves a working partnership with local governments, residents, community groups, and organizations as well as business and community agencies. OCRA encourages these projects to be community unique and locally inspired. The most competitive applications will demonstrate a strong partnership.

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